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Responsibilities:Lagos State Record And Archives Bureau,LASRAB

By its establishing Law, the Bureau has the mandate to:

  1. Ensure that public offices follow standard record;


  1. Establish standards and advise on best practices on records and archives management in the State;


  1. Establish and implement procedures for the control and management of records of enduring value;


  1. Establish and implement procedures for the transfer of public records of enduring value, for preservation and management, in the State archives or such archival repository as may be established under the Law;


  1. Undertake research and disseminate knowledge on the preservation and management of public, private and historical records;


  1. Preserve, manage and make available for consultation, public records selected for preservation or kept in its custody and care.


LASRAB was established for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the right information is available to the right person, at the right time, at the least possible cost; by the right agency bridging information device for planning),
  • To warehouse the accumulated experiences, values, heritage, innovations and initiatives of the people/entities of Lagos State and development partners in the quest to achieve growth and development (societal memory),
  • To enhance Government’s policy objectives & planning – modernization of public service, open and accountable government, quality education, social inclusion & economic regeneration (better Public Service delivery)
  • To protect records integrity and security (evidential value)
  • To serve as a one-stop information centre (warehouse) on Lagos State.